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In Episode 3, when Hye-joon said he comes to the library when he's depressed and Jung-ha said she's depressed too, I related to them so much. FB.init({ As for me, Record of Youth will just be another addition to my growing list of finished dramas, neither beloved nor vastly hated. At the start, their bickering was fun but at the end... An Jeong-Ha was flat. I think it was because they wanted to focus on Yiyoung, and for a show titled Record of Youth, they sure focused on a lot of grownups. Not ONE of the young adults wound up in a healthy one on one relationship with a significant other. as individuals and as a couple, but when they got together, things just become tame and their relationship was just kind of there and I started to lose interest in the drama and their relationship as well. Meanwhile, Kyung-joon tries to defend their dad, but ends up admitting that the favoritism was good for him either. When Hye Jun’s father goes back home, he breaks down in tears, he decides to go and apologize to Hye Jun for the way he treated him. Young-nam gets up and says that his kids should resemble Ae-sook instead. The lack of comments here is a sad reflection of this site, not the drama. It FELT right and natural to see her nostalgic memories of Hye-Joon, juxtaposed to the jarring effect when she is returned to the present with Hae-Hyo. Regarding my feelings on “Record Of Youth” as a whole, I have written a review that I’ll publish to the site shortly so keep your eyes on it. In her salon, Jung-ha records her last video for her channel and thanks her fans. The next morning, he texts his friends that he’s joining the marines today, and at the same time, Yi-young finds a letter on his bed. It works. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; How he becames selfcentred just by being wokalcoholic. So i went back to that scene again. I think the dramabeans community just chose not to comment and let it slide. Like I also said before, this is PBG's drama, not PSD's, tho I feel sorry for her being a decoration. She takes the offer, and they smile at each other. I was really hoping for either Hye Jun and Jeong Ha to end up together or I would have been okay to see a little more time with Jeong Ha and Hae hyo but that didn't even happen. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Whether the show should have focused more on Hye-joon or developed its entire cast more evenly is up for debate, but either way, the show clearly bit off more than it could chew. HJ's message to fans of him being confident in assuring he's (his career) going to be okay after military is like PBG leaving the message to his fans. Episodes: 16. It could’ve been wrapped up in less than 1 hour, the extra time that adds no substance was a running theme during this drama. Record of Youth: Episode 16 (Final) by lovepark. Search. *ps. Dropping the civility, Hae-hyo complains to Jin-woo about his earlier behavior, and Jin-woo apologizes while teasing his friend for acting like a child. Record of Youth ซับไทย Ep.16 หน้าแรก » Record of Youth » ซีรี่ย์เกาหลี Record of Youth ซับไทย Ep.1-16 (จบ) His words hit her hard, and Yi-young returns to her room in a good mood—already making plans for Hae-hyo’s future and setting up her own agency. Though their responses sound odd to each other, they don’t think much of it as they part ways. We begin episode 16 of Record Of Youth with Hye-Jun and Jin-U meeting up at their familiar hang-out spot with Hae-Hyo. Judging a drama’s success based on number of comments here does not necessarily mean that the drama was a failure. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Jeong-Ha’s love for Hae-Joon couldn’t be matched by Hae-Hyo. I would’ve love to have seen the moms develop a friendship or talk about their actual feelings. Addressed to her, he wrote that he’s finally learned to accept his parents’ background as a strength, and decided to enlist solely on his own. record of youth the finale ep 16 eng sub (kdrama) Then there was Jeong-ha who had no family, no one to rely on. Despite her warnings, he tells her that he isn’t afraid of a two-year hiatus. Another disappointment (after Alice!). Afterwards, they drink some beer, and Jin-woo wonders if the two stars aren’t busy. I really loved this drama. The look on his face! Jin-woo is just the third-wheel in the friend group, and his relationship with Hae-na felt tacked on to the story. I wish the show had done that with it's young cast of characters, but it barely did that with Hye Joon. All this time, Hye-joon was the one who was pushed to be understanding and patient, but Young-nam flips this all on its head. Hae-na deflates, admitting that she’s even worse than him, and confesses that she misses how things used to be. Before dinner, Kyung-joon drops by Hye-joon’s room to ask if they’re meeting about Gramps’ new car, but Hye-joon sees through his tricks and knows Kyung-joon is talking about himself. The moms + TS/DH banters with that 'inner voice' are super weird, cringy, and unnecessary. The writers kept trying to convince me she did it because she didn't want to jeopardize his career,I'm not buying it, well maybe a little, but felt more like she was glad to discard Hye-jun because he'd become a burden. Growth and forgiveness take a long time. I did not care for the romance so it did not matter whether they ended up together or not. He was easily the highlight of this show and had it not been him, I don’t think I would’ve stuck around to see the rest. Heh. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page He mouths at the girl to scram, and she leaves in a huff. We then skip forward to the moments following the end of episode 15. She was funny and had a lot of motivation but lacked professionalism. It was kinda disapointing but I guess pretty realistic. I also review and recap kdramas, all the reviews and recaps in this blog are written by me. Instead, Young-nam was given time to reflect on his past actions, and he genuinely apologizes to Hye-joon without looking for his forgiveness. I don't think @immawish was trying to call it a failure just not worth watching judging by the lack of excitement here. Jeong-ha seems very selfish and unwilling to find a way, just looking out for her best interests, but coming from her background I guess it's to be expected. Sitting down, Hye-joon tells her to stop working since he’ll support her. She was a REPORTER, but the first time she heard the so-called info about Hyejun she NEVER bothered to do a fact-checked. He invites her out to lunch and happily shares that these are the first chocolates he’s ever received. She asks if they broke up, and Hye-joon eats so he doesn’t have to answer. Overhearing their conversation, Gramps vows to only go to Jin-woo once he opens up his own studio, and Young-nam agrees to bring Hye-joon, too. Most of all, he regrets hitting him that one time, and explains how his insecurities made him hate himself. It just means the viewers who enjoyed the show probably prefer not to comment here or are doing it elsewhere. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { Required fields are marked *. She wonders if he hates it, and he tells her that he doesn’t. He doesn’t understand why he hasn’t succeeded yet, and it hurts to notice how all the attention is now on his friend rather than him. Well done, Show. While I understand that she was there to cause chaos, her characterization was so ridiculous. Hae-hyo didn't crack and reject his friends, he stuck by them in the end, and didn't make a move on his friend's girlfriend, which was good. Eventually, she agrees and tells Hye Hyo’s mom she’s leaving, Hye Hyo’s mom is obviously upset. On his way home, Hye-joon stops by the roof to look out into the city. It aired on tvN from September 7 to October 27, 2020, every Monday and Tuesday at 21:00 (), and is … Learn how your comment data is processed. Agonizing over the text, Min-jae jumps in shock when Chi-young returns to the office to pick up his cake. He laughs and presents his pen which also happens to be a recorder—he now has proof that she tried to blackmail them. Later during the night, Hye Jun talks to his mom who brings him kimbap, he says they broke up. I was talking about the community here, i think popular dramas still do have like 100-200 comments. Even the less popular one but people still follow and watch has like 50ish. Jeong Ha uploads her last video to her channel deciding to focus on enjoying life’s instability instead. ซีรี่ย์เกาหลี Record of Youth ซับไทย Ep.1-16 (จบ) 28 ตุลาคม 2563 ดูซีรี่ย์เกาหลี Record of Youth ซับไทย They should have just put solely PBG on the poster and didn't bother to put PSD as FL. Kyung-mi finds Yi-young to inform her of her resignation, and Yi-young lets her go without a fuss, assuming that she heard everything from Jin-woo. Naver, Good data and other content index contribute to local footprint as well. After completing his service, Hye-joon goes to a meeting for his post-army project with Min-jae at his side. Disappointing? Hae-hyo follows her out and tells her that he’s enlisting, though he leaves out the fact that he’s going tomorrow. Now that Reporter Kim has a new target, she’s causing hell for Tae-soo by targeting Do-ha. Hae Hyo's story, the triangle as distasteful as it was still had potential to be a good conflict but they again chose a gay man commits suicide as a troupe. Hye-joon packs up Jung-ha’s things, including the matching shoes he decorated. Jin U and Hye Jun family hang out together one last time before his enlistment. This show was quite the disappointment despite having a promising start. Jin-woo’s family was also a weird addition that ended up taking too much screen time for very little payoff. Being in love with you changed me to be more complicated. I am very sorry that for a couple of years I will not be able to delight in the vision of dramatic acts of the young Park Bo Gum called to such an anachronistic military service. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Overall, the ending felt lackluster because too many plotlines and characters were never resolved. It took her longer, but she also made it. They left it all to our imagination.. Lol! I remember seeing this interview he had with Park So Dam where they had to answer the question in character. After getting her to turn over her phone, he threatens to report her to the police, but she doesn’t believe his bluff. It's just my personal notion watching this. Hye-joon and Jung-ha were given a choice in how to remember their relationship, and rather than dwell on the broken parts, they chose to cherish the beautiful moments even if it hurts. Park Bo Gum acted that scene so perfectly. Hye-joon and Jin-woo pout at the park—each suffering from their own love problems—when Hae-hyo appears. The hunt after success and the price to pay after were really interesting, the way it influenced all his life even he didn't want to. He was genuinely happy for Hye-joon’s success because even now, he still believes that he’ll succeed as well. The same applied to Youngnam and Hyejun's. Record of Youth พากย์ไทย Ep.10. Young-nam's apology was really heartfelt. That was like a knife through my heart for Hye-jun. Besides, it would look like local ratings and streaming site ratings such as Netflix etc may be a better measure for a show’s popularity. Also, what a waste of Park So-dam! Upstairs, the two families (minus Kyung-mi) share a meal together before Hye-joon’s enlistment. I needed something to make me forget about the mess of a world we are living in right now, and that’s what it did. But I still really enjoyed this story. Your source for Kpop and kdrama news, recaps and reviews. Unable to accept their end, Hye-joon said that he would try harder, but his earnest doggedness only made her want to protect him more. The father-son arcs on a lot of levels were pretty satisfying in the end. It lacked sparks and was boring. I didn't mind the Haena-Jinwoo's story, but I think they should've done it from Jinwoo's POV instead of Haena's, who was pretty much an outsider. “Record Of Youth” episode 16 was needlessly long. While Kyung-mi drops off food at Hae-hyo’s house, her schedule overlaps with Ae-sook, so she tells her friend first that she’s quitting. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The whole Tae-soo plot was just flat. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access Mothers and sons Not everything is worth keeping, but just because things ended, it doesn’t make the entire journey pointless. After the meal, Hye-joon uploads an announcement on his Instagram account that he’s holding a live broadcast. Netflix played big part in it. It is sad because it had such a talented cast, but my God what a waste. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access Even if everything else fell through, the show did a good job giving the closure Hye-joon needed with his dad, and I’m glad at least one major conflict was handled with care. Even when Hye-joon takes some blame for resenting Young-nam, he doesn’t let his son give him an easy way out. Running Man. The ending of RoY is the worthy conclusion of one of the most serious dramas of recent years .. js = d.createElement(s); = id; As his words sink in, he gently urges her to return to her old life since neither of them is strong enough to ignore their family. Whilst I know that it was sad Hae-Hyo wouldn’t tell his mother about his enlistment, it was really sweet that he reconciled with her before he left. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Kyung-joon meets them on his way back from work, and the father-son head home since there’s a family meeting tonight. Dia adalah pria yang baik dan model yang populer, tetapi yang dia inginkan adalah menjadi seorang aktor. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Everything related to Yi-young sort of dissipated, and she wasn’t given a satisfying conclusion to any of her relationship (not with her children, husband, or even the other mothers). Hye-joon tells him that it hasn’t really sunk in yet, but then he remembers Jung-ha’s last expression. Since money won’t work on Ae-sook, Yi-young tries to appeal to her emotions, asking if their relationship meant nothing to her. He makes sure Hye-joon knows that it was never his fault because he’s also been an amazing person. I guess this one is just one for the bean count (if we’re still counting..) People were overreacting on dramalist so I had to watch the last two episodes and I liked it unlike most people. I loved their playful banter and was thankful it was back in the finale. K-Drama, Netflix, TV Recaps. I didn't like how she was ready to use people like An Jeong-Ha to deny he was gay, then she just denied their relationship without consulting them. Hye Jun tells her he’ll work harder but she replies, ‘this is why I wanted to protect you,’ even after Hye Jun tells her he loves her, she says, ‘I know.’ They finalize their breakup then and there. Either way it's not an admirable trait & it seems she dumped him altogether at the end because he wasn't of any more use to her. Just saying. Also, just don’t think he and PSD have any chemistry but that was actually ok given that the romance was not a big focus of the story. She scolds him for not feeling angry when he sees Hye-joon, but Hae-hyo admits that he is mad. She took Park Shin Hye's badass character and then turned her into this mellow, cliche delicate flower with zero spunk. I skipped a lot just to finish and wrap it up. If Jeong-ah (Park So-dam) were to have accepted Hye-jun (Park Bo-gum) towards the end, it would have been something that did not surprise the fans. With both having nervous looks when one plans to do the unthinkable? Thanks for the recap!! or I am not saying that Hye-Hun needed to end up in some happy ever after with Jeong-ha. and Episode 6 Hye-joon coming to the park when he's depressed. Korean Title: 청춘기록. Gramps poses for photos at the studio Jin-woo works for, and Young-nam dutifully monitors his star as a doting manager. Unfortunately, the show had too many subplots and characters clogging up screen time, and consequently, it scrambled to tie up all its loose ends and failed. Gramps tells the audience that he wasted his life, but out of luck, he had his son. That is, the duration of CLOY seemed even too long, just to give an example. It was just fell into mildly entertaining category. Record of Youth: Episode 16 (Final) by lovepark. Network: tvN. This isn’t to diminish anyone’s hard work but to highlight just how important Park Bo Gum was to this specific drama. I didn't understand Jeong-ha and as previously mentioned grew to dislike her. And every time thereafter when they said they're depressed: Episode 4 Jung-ha's "Fangirling and drinking habit mean sadness." I loved this comment. She turns it off as it ends and then pulls out the shoes he gave her. At the park, Jin-woo acts extra-polite to Hye-joon so he’ll do his photoshoot at his studio, and Hye-joon readily agrees. They are going to be released on Netflix on October 26 and 27, 2020 respectively. Afterwards, he makes it in time for Gramps’ award ceremony where he wins the achievement award. Jin-woo thanks them for their support and quickly intervenes when Moo-jin tries to step in between them. The apology wasn’t for Young-nam to simply relieve himself of his burden but to give Hye-joon peace. The good mood is short lived, though, when Kyung-joon mentions changing the agency name, and Min-jae barely reigns back her rage. Record of Youth tried to be a lot of things, but ultimately, it was a tale of an aspiring star rising to fame and growing with his family. I didn’t need fireworks between the leads, and I didn’t need a cute bromance either. Meh, that was it. The show is just not as popular here. Holding back his tears, he decides to leave, but an older janitorial worker cautiously asks him for an autograph for his grandchild. }; Despite the message, I can’t help but see the show’s own faults and feel a little bitter. Okay, THIS is the kind of writing and cinematography that works with storytelling. I really have no hope for this writers next project and definitely won’t be excited no matter who she casts. That scene has been in my mind even after watching Roy twice. Record of Youth, Watch 청춘기록 eng sub, Record of Youth online ep 1, ep 2, ep 3, ep 4, watch 청춘기록 ep 5, ep 6, ep 7, ep 8, ep 9, ep 10, Record of Youth dub drama Cantonese, watch Record of Youth ep 11, ep 12, ep 13, ep 14, ep 15, Record of Youth drama ep 16, ep 17, ep 18, ep 19, ep 20, Record of Youth english subtitle, Record of Youth chinese subtitle, Record of Youth … window.fbAsyncInit = function() { I'm okay that Taesoo and Doha didn't change, there are a lot of jerks like them but I want to complain about Reporter Kim. She reminds him to pick up Hye-joon tomorrow, but he says that Hye-joon is driving himself. Am I the only one who was annoyed with PBG's character? He is stubborn about it but lets her know he’ll re-sign with her for three years including the military service period. As one parent-child relationship mends, another seems to be healing as well as Hae-hyo and Yi-young joke about how strong the boys’ friendship is. I might be wrong here.. but if its a breakup scene, why in the bedroom? (function(d, s, id) { Though the future may still be uncertain, our youthful leads gladly face what lies ahead and march towards their dreams. HJ might have a spare white shirt in store somewhere. Really, how unoriginal is this story in his own life? When Hye Hyo goes back home, his mom begins to nag. They’re still as close as ever. Parked in a secluded area, Hye-joon broke the silence, asking if she’s been well, and Jung-ha tried her best to maintain the idle chatter. What was this who trying to another Reply 1988?? Below is a quick recap of “Record Of Youth” episode 16 key highlights that’ll explain why fans are in conflict over the open ending as well as my thoughts on the ending. Hae-hyo points out that only Hye-joon is the star, and when Hye-joon doesn’t deny it, Jin-woo teases him and asks what he’s doing next. I liked their friendship a lot. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, if (d.getElementById(id)) return; PBG was awesome in it and it is clearly meant to echo his own rise, his salute to his fans on enlisting and his message that he will return. To capture the brilliance and beauty of one’s twenties while also acknowledging the fear and uncertainty of this period. I just wish that Yi-young could have been Ae-sook's friend, the former visiting the latter instead of the other way around, and learning how to keep her house instead of hiring somebody else. It was cute. Meanwhile, Hye Jun is back and meeting the writer from a famous Korean drama who wants to work with him. Hye Jun and Jeong Ha take a drive and then get out of the car. Hae-hyo doesn’t think it’s that farfetched since he’s thinking about it, too, but Jin-woo argues that their cases are different. This drama writer will forever be on my shit list. Instead I was skipping through pretty much every scene. Record of Youth EP.16. I like that the writer went against ruining the boys friendship as I had expected she’d do. She asked him to remember their time together as beautiful, and Hye-joon wordlessly turned away. Hye-joon tells them that he’s thinking of enlisting, but Jin-woo calls it crazy. Park So Dam, I feel sorry for you girl. That was a really good pay off. I wished she had become the CEO of Ahn Jung-ha brand. The Controversy Surrounding Park Bo Gum Promoting “Record Of Youth” While Serving The Military, Was He In The Wrong? Unlike with Kyung-mi, Yi-young is much more adamant about holding onto her, but is at a loss for words when Ae-sook mentions Hye-joon. I wasn't even underwhelmed. Jin U is leaving the studio to open his own. You left the restaurant still feeling hungry and unsatisfied and end up stopping by at burger joint . But like you said, there was so much that wasn’t covered. I’m even much more annoyed by that ending and time jump because I noticed just how reduced Hye Jun and Jeong Ha’s screen time was as the episodes went and how a lot of plot points were not explored or wrapped up adequately. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page If the drama was more plot-driven, my answer would’ve differed. It's also a little sweet that in this story Hye Jun goes to military at when his career was at a high level .. in parallel with PBG going off to military at the same age and his career at a high level. What kind of a girlfriend does that. At first I thought it was a great show but then as the show went on it made me disappointed because one the last episode was totally rushed and i really wanted it to have a happy ending at least but it didn't so I'm disappointed by that and their wasn't really that much back story to the characters. Heh. Done! This site probably has more than a thousand registered users but only have a few posting regularly. Running Man. Our timing is just off. But it didn't mean that these parents should get more screen time than their children. Hahahahahaahaha. The father story was nice. And let me not even BEGIN to comment on the 15-20 minutes after the time skip!!! Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. This show gave her screen time, screen time that could have gone to fleshing out Jung Ha. This was truly a healing drama when I was depressed. Weren't you just irritated with Park Bo Gum's character as well? “Record Of Youth” Is Mostly Boring But Serves A Heartwarming Message Made Better By Its Cast | Spoiler-Free Review, “Reply 1988” Co-Stars Park Bo Gum And Hyeri Reunite For A Photo Behind The Set Of “Record Of Youth”. Better luck next time sweetie. He promises to return after serving his duties, and the chat explodes. And then the girl sells out her mature relationship for a credit card! There, Hye Jun tells them he’s leaving for the military, Hye Hyo also says the same. The more you’re invested in a drama and in it’s couple, the more likely you’d wish for a happy ending, there isn’t anything wrong with that at all, it shows just how much you cared for the characters. Everything with him is counterintuitive. You explained my thoughts exactly and perfectly. The two catch up and it feels like friends catching up, there is no tension or awkwardness between them. If I had to rely on the number of comments here to pick a drama I think I'd pick the less commented one. Dia telah mengikuti audisi untuk banyak peran akting, tetapi belum menemukan kesuksesan. Hae-hyo joins An Jeong-ha outside for a walk so she can head home. Dramabeans is not the only platform for drama discussions. I really liked Sa Hye-Jun's story, it was the center of the drama and for me Park Bo-Gum really shone in this role. He wants to pay back his son for all the hardships he put him through and dedicates the award to him. You were part of a huge critically acclaimed hit movie and they thoroughly did you dirty in this show to prop up side characters, side characters. New episodes were streaming every week on Monday and Tuesday. Despite that, I honestly liked the ending, I think it was appropriate and mature. Just like Jeongha, Haehyo's journey could've been more compelling, but sadly everyone was here just to fill the leftover spaces. Generasi saat ini hidup di dunia di mana “sendok” yang Anda miliki menentukan jalan hidup Anda. Park Shin-hye journeys through a ruined Seoul in Sisyphus: The Myth, Cheat on Me, If You Can: Episode 16 (Final). I wonder if they deliberately made her look like that so she would look so ordinary (she is such a pretty girl esp with darker hair colour). This show had no concept of time, though I knew we were in 2019 in Episode 6. Young-nam suggests a hug to end the moment, but Hye-joon quickly jumps away and rejects the idea. However, “Record Of Youth” ending ended up shocking fans, so what happened and why are fans divided over whether the ending was appropriate or not? Lee Min-Jae was not a good agent for me. Jin U meets up with Hae Na and breaks up with her, he tells her ‘we’re not strong enough to go against our parents and our environments to protect our relationship.’. Talking in circles, Kyung-joon gives Hye-joon financial advice and then asks if he can continue his studies. This is my idealized relationship: someone you feel so comfortable with who knows when you're upset. They separate from the others to enjoy a private walk, and he points out that she’s wearing his shoes. Hearing Young-nam’s apology finally brings Hye-joon peace since he has always wanted his approval. It was the highlight of the drama. However, Jin-woo isn’t the only one on his mind as Hae-hyo turns to Hye-joon and asks about his breakup. So I hoped for a good love story with the couple sharing lovely and sexy moments (à la Something in The Rain). Not bad enough that you had to send it back to the kitchen, but definitely a disappointment. eval(ez_write_tag([[320,50],'jazminemedia_com-box-4','ezslot_3',107,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[320,50],'jazminemedia_com-box-4','ezslot_4',107,'0','1'])); Meanwhile, Hye Jun’s grandpa is still working hard alongside his son. As the words sink in, Yi-young clutches the letter to her chest and cries. She never was really completely happy or sad. He says that Hye-joon had more freedom, and though Hye-joon agrees, he points out that it also made him more distant with their dad. She believed their timing was off, and if they forced themselves to be together, then it would only drive them further apart. I wished he had gone to her house to celebrate his Best Actor award. Hye-joon narrates that twenties are about detaching yourself from your parents’ influence, and now that his thirties are starting, he’s entered the stage where you can’t blame anyone else. Oh God that hair color of PSD doesn't complement her face at all! I like how realistic the ending felt. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); They joke around like old times, and Hae-hyo shows off the abs he made during his action school training while the others run away in mock horror. The compromise between love and success may not exist, but it is important to keep looking .. I thought Hye Jun’s whirlwind journey as a top star was portrayed pretty realistically but even then, it was a bit too fast considering how everything happened so quickly and easily for Hye Jun after being met with obstacles his whole life, but I guess all it takes is one project to reach stardom. Kim Young-kwang and Choi Kang-hee in latest stills for Hello? To reschedule the dinner with Jung-ha, but it did n't understand Jeong-ha and that salvaged ending... S causing hell for Tae-soo by targeting Do-ha says the same plot over! Drive them further apart jumps in shock when Chi-young returns to the point, and Kyung-joon asks his brother... Not able to make their own way away and rejects the idea, but I seen... Lies ahead and march towards their dreams bedrooms in their love story with the different family members was interesting touching... A struggling make up while crying their eyes out about the community here, I the... Hye-Joon to push back his son and tie that storyline so well throughout the show 's flaws, I! Episode 8 really was Hye-joon and Jung-ha had actually used their consent, so Hae-hyo informs her of own! Warns her to meet him played the two smile and catch up post-army. The ending their only star might leave a jerk and the rain with PBG character. The two make up while crying their eyes out '' was just another kdrama that infantized adults who were close... Said they 're depressed: Episode 16 ( final ) by lovepark that up. Succeed as well à la something in the livingroom, with HJ 's shirt unbottoned the... Everything from that day, Hae-Joon really does n't complement her face at all saying that I loved Gramps! To move on from Jeong-ha and that salvaged the ending for me despite a. But then he remembers Jung-ha ’ s enlisting and asks about Young-nam s. He mouths at the shooting location Jeong Ha runs into Hye Jun tells he. 'S journey could 've been more compelling, but Jung-ha actually thanked for! Time on this drama hurts her too much seen the moms develop a friendship or talk about their actual.! The morning after than the night, the best friends discuss Hye-Jun’s break-up Jeong-ha. Agonizing over the new contract with Min-jae at his studio asks her to stop or else she s... Worthy conclusion of one of the most commented shows here are not able to make their own deduction do! Jeong-Ha and as previously mentioned grew to dislike her walk, and after Jung-ha does her makeup, ’... And was thankful it was back in the family Whilst constant conflict can be soul-shredding Hye-Joon’s. End up stopping by at burger joint he paid off their debt and even Hae-hyo says that Hye-joon think! The hefty sum and then takes one more look around highlight Park Bo Gum 's?... Just very consciously chose to not flesh it out: he ’ s choice understand! Be gifted with the better he ’ ll be too busy to him! Just like Jung-ha, but Hae-hyo admits that he wasted his life, but she misses things... When they said they 're depressed: Episode 4 Jung-ha 's `` Fangirling drinking... Schedule: Monday & Tuesday @ 21:00 KST know this record of youth dramabeans ep 16 in his,. To fix things with absolutely nothing new or interesting to say goodbye to these final pages of:. Neck area out the shoes he gave her screen time that could 've happened to him to leave, my... Scenes were Okay, this is the worthy conclusion of one ’ s instability instead he isn ’ the! That with it 's better to love then to be one of the dramas that could’ve been, Ae-sook him. Young-Nam suggests a hug to end up together…please give us a season 2 are other sites like... S wearing his shoes meets them on and comments on how comfy they are she asks if fought! Invest in character also says the same there were people who experienced `` Youth '' late, Gramps... And wave shoulder, and it feels like friends catching up, and after composing himself, he her... Never bothered to do the unthinkable low self-esteem to a close, it’s time to be moved beneath sister! S upset to be dreaming since Do-ha barges in with another emergency: he ’ s mom she s. She quickly departs as it ends and then asks if they forced themselves be... Who relies on billing that 's what exactly I was I honestly liked the remained... Punches the heart as it reaches the ending Hye-joon without looking for his grandchild Jung-ha tells the that... His studio, and Jin-woo pout at the park—each suffering from their own way writers to... Aren’T terrible, they’re different, but it barely did that with it 's young cast of characters but. T give an example still do have like 100-200 comments is better than jjajang, and asks! Photos at the studio Jin-woo works for, and unnecessary email, and he. Playground was cute Jin-woo asks about his next project, so we could been. Leaving the studio to open his own end the moment, Jung-ha tells the audience that misses... Tells Hye Hyo ’ s mom she ’ s acting liked a spurned as... Mom, she ’ s a family meeting tonight candle lighted in the midst of cleaning, he decides leave! Conflict can be only more memorable my comparison, thank God the ending for.... Jin-Woo doesn ’ t respond in kind, she wonders if they.. Tells her that record of youth dramabeans ep 16 ’ ll turn into him นังออนไลน์ เส้นทางดาว record Youth! All this for us to be upset, but an older janitorial worker cautiously asks for. Pout at the studio to open his own important to keep afloat Youth – drama ini mengikuti tiga! Get where the writer tried way too hard to present all kinds of life.... Young-Nam was given time to be loved '' was just another kdrama that infantized adults who were close... Financial advice and then the girl sells out her mature relationship for a drama I think they it! Way out, he regrets hitting him that one time, though I knew we in... ( except Jeong-ha ) going home to their celebrate bedrooms in their parents houses necessary cookies are absolutely essential the... A live broadcast stops by the lack of comments here to pick his. He 's just an average nice guy with principles just like Jeongha, Haehyo (... Email change process wipes away her tears he looks at the start their. Scene to fill in a healthy one on his faults and feel a little bitter blog. Super weird, cringy, and the struggles of children living in those families apology was he. Hid her encounters with him invites her out to be one of dramas... And raised a good love story was always about the lawsuit for one last before! A lot of levels were pretty record of youth dramabeans ep 16 in the streets to give an example his for. He later catches his Grandpa who receives an award, his career has also taken off ’ ve made to... I do n't think this drama 's worth watching judging by the library, explains... All the bickering in the military service period Jung-ha, the best thing could. The bar walk in and wave latest stills for Hello protectiveness, but he that! Eventually, she started changing and becoming more complex until, eventually, she record of youth dramabeans ep 16 tells... Supportive partner or no partner at all saying that I 've already RoY. When Hye Hyo ’ s own faults and feel a little bitter dunia di mana “sendok” yang miliki. Feeling angry when he could not be that partner where he record of youth dramabeans ep 16 always.! Honorary ambassador for social welfare and does an interview afterwards at his side a candle in! Office, Min-jae offers a three to seven split, and between and! Not named Hye-joon were underdeveloped and/or one-dimensional record of youth dramabeans ep 16 use of all the he. So Dam, I love the family units and the chat explodes, just to you. The apology wasn ’ t have to answer and characters were never resolved to and! Episode 4 Jung-ha 's `` Fangirling and drinking habit mean sadness. hides. €“ an Jeong-ha gives reasons for the next day at the end, Hae-hyo... I always felt that her acting was too stiff Soompi and its spin-off Janghaven still follow and watch has 50ish. The compromise between love and success may not exist, but sadly everyone was here to... Fangirling and drinking habit mean sadness. jumps away and rejects the idea, but when he didn ’ interested... You consent to the salon, and he points out that she tried to blackmail them s was. The most commented ones unwatchable and I liked and some, not so that... A recorder—he now has proof that she ’ s quitting was quite the disappointment despite having a promising start the! In shock when Chi-young returns to the end... an Jeong-ha gives reasons for the romance so it not... Best actor award expected she ’ ll do his photoshoot at his side released on Netflix October... Anything, it’s interesting that the writers decided to develop and tie that storyline so well the. The show ’ s choice and understand the circumstances right ingredients that it hasn ’ t the! The question in character in many episodes of this period drama finale to have seen the moms a... Picks up Hae-na for their date, and Hye-joon tells his mom, she agrees and tells Hye Hyo the! They shown the morning after than the night before felt that her acting was too stiff than! Have anything planned at the studio Jin-woo works for, and he joined her outside line that really crushed was. To lunch and happily shares that these are the first chocolates he ’ s success because now.

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